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You Might be Wondering...

What is the best way to ask questions to the club administrators?

First, make sure your question is not addressed below in the FAQ. If you have a question that cannot be answered here, the best way to contact any of the club's administrators is to send a note to the color-me-club.

My work was declined, stating I sent it to the wrong gallery. Why can't you guys just move it for me?

While that would be quick and convenient for you, and probably takes less effort all around, we want you to know where your artwork is submitted to. It works out better if you, the artist, maintain full control over where your work gets submitted. For example, an artist might not find it because we moved it, and then inquires where it went, thinking we deleted it. Or, an artist may not want their work placed in a certain gallery 'i.e. Mature Content' even if it's supposed to go there.

Also, it's a learning experience. Knowing where to place your work helps build organizational skills!

I'm confused about the gallery set up. Where do I submit my...

Lineart is organized by categories such as Anime, Realistic, Creature/Animal, Fanart, etc. Submit lineart to the category that you feel suits your image best!

Note: Line art with mature content should be placed in the Mature Content gallery folder. Line art that contains licensed characters such as Naruto, Sailor Moon, Sephiroth, the Power Puff Girls or Robot Unicorn must be submitted to the Fanart gallery. This also includes original fan characters based off of existing worlds such as Final Fantasy or Star Wars fan characters. Fanart with mature content should be placed in the Mature Content gallery.

Colored Image: Colored images should all be submitted to the Colored gallery UNLESS the image has mature content. Colored work with mature content should be submitted to the Mature Content gallery.

My image was declined! Why!?

Check the following:
1. Was the image submitted to the correct gallery type? Lineart to lineart galleries, colored to Colored gallery?
2. If it was a line art were there sketch/eraser/scanner marks or intruding watermarks?
3. Did the image contain mature content, and not get submitted to the Mature Content gallery?
4. If it was a colored image, was the line art linked to in the image description?
5. Was the original line art a part of our gallery? We only accept colored images that come from line arts in our gallery to make sure that the colorists have the permission of the line artist and that we have the permission to display the colored versions.
6. Did the image meet the size requirements? We only accept images that have a minimum height or width of 1200 pixels.

If your image is declined, simply fix the problem and resubmit. If you're still confused, feel free to ask! We always try to provide a reason for declined art.

How much nudity is too much nudity?

When we hold your picture to our ear and hear the ocean.

Does the club require a certain skill level or have quality restrictions?

We accept art of all ages, styles, and skill levels! However the color-me-club has quality standards.

1. No 'sketches' or 'traces.' The idea is to have other people color this, so clean original line art is best. For pencil line art, make sure there are no eraser or scanner marks. For digital and traditional, please make sure that the image is fairly clean and easy to color.
2. No pornography! While we accept some levels of nudity, we ask that you keep it respectfully mild. Remember, images requiring the Mature Content filter should be placed in the Mature Content gallery.
3. Recoloring a black and white lineart to a different color line art does not constitute as a "colored" image.
4. All images have to have at least one dimension (either height or width) exceed 1200 pixels in resolution in order to be accepted.

Traces are legal, and deviantArt permits them. Why does the color-me-club never accept traces, and block those who submit them?

The debate around traces has been at full burn for a couple years now, and the color-me-club is constantly amending its policies regarding how to handle traces.

Traces have been prohibited since the club's inception, and that is to protect the integrity of our color artists. While tracers don't strive for professional recognition, some color artists do. If a color artist was discovered to have colored a trace, and not even know about it, it can damage their reputation. Also, color artists are hard-pressed to give proper credit in their collaborations, and they would rather attribute compliments to an artist, not a human Xerox machine. If a color artist did want to color a manga page, 99% of the time they can get better quality just going to the copyrighted work instead of a third-party knockoff.

We block tracers simply because of observed trends. Tracers usually have nothing of artistic value to contribute; just more traces. If they did, it's not nearly up to the compositional quality of their traces, and they usually don't share that work. Since traces are tough to enforce, and take a long time to determine, we'd rather cut off the problem at the source, and leave that hanging as a serious deterrent should anybody attempt sending us a trace.

...Aaaand, what about inkers?

Inkers are a different breed of artist that are highly skilled and revered in the comics and illustration industry. We do allow inkers to contribute their work, but they need to take a couple extra steps before they can be accepted.

First off, inkers can only submit inked work that uses rough lines from an image on dA. We do not accept inked images taken from off of deviantArt. Secondly, they need to credit the image and the artist, much like how a color artist needs to. Thirdly, they need proof of permission, either on the lines, their image description, the comments, or anywhere publicly visible, and if necessary include a link to where they were given that permission (if it was given via notes or Email, a screenshot is necessary).

Can we request a certain colorist or a style for our image to be colored?

No. By submitting your line art to this club you are agreeing to allow all club members color it in the style they choose. Additionally we cannot guarantee that anyone will color your image. Colorists chose which images they wish to color.

Can I submit my photo manipulations, 3d renders, or photos?

No. This club is dedicated to illustrated line art and the colored versions of those line arts.

Can I make prints of colored work?

If you want to make prints, ensure you receive permission from the line artist first. Just because you colored it does not mean you have the right to capitalize from it; they still retain rights over your work. This is not a rule for the color-me-club or deviantArt; it's the law.