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Submitted on
November 15, 2011


465 (who?)

Journal Raffle! (+FAV CAP EXTENDED TO 750)

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 7:18 PM


This journal hasn't been up for 24 hours, and has already surged past the 400 :+fav: cap.  Thus, I'll be extending the cap from 400 to 750, meaning we'll have up to 15 winners of this raffle!


The :iconcolor-me-club: Presents:


(AKA "That Raffle I Promised Y'all Last Month")

So remember a couple weeks back when I asked you guys to :+fav: that news article for the November Contest?  Remember that I held a raffle for all the people who :+fav:'d that article as a bonus incentive to help get the word out?  Then remember when that raffle totally crashed and burned because the DeviantArt News messages were suddenly done away with, thus obliterating the whole listing of people who :+fav:'d it?

And remember how, after totally freaking out and succumbing to a panic-stricken stupor, I swore I would make up for it with a similar raffle done with the new journal :+fav: method?

Well here it is!

:iconepicboogieplz: - RAFFLE DETAILS: - :iconepicboogieplz:


Pretty simple, actually!

Step 1: Notice that there's an "Add To Favorites" button there in the upper-right of the screen.

Step 2: Study the "Add To Favorites" button thoroughly, admiring every glistening pixel of its splendor.

Step 3: Contemplate the means in which the existence of an "Add To Favorites" button enriches your life and brings your soul one giant step closer to achieving spiritual nirvana.

Step 4: Realize I'm trolling at this point and push the darned "Add To Favorites" button already.


As opposed to the previous raffle, the rules have been changed up a bit.

Rule #1: Ensure spyed doesn't change the +Faving system on us in the middle of the contest.

Rule #2: Make for darned sure you follow rule #1.  Heidi, I'm totally countin' on you with this one.

Rule #3: BY FORCE IF NECESSARY.  Chains and tazers are not out of the question, and many a blind eye will be turned.

*Failure to abide by these rules may result in me again screaming into a rug for twenty minutes straight.


Each winner will receive 150 dA points!

Prizes will be distributed accordingly based upon the number of people who :+fav: this journal entry.  For every 50 :+fav:'s this journal receives, another prize will be added.  Therefore, everybody will have, at least, a one in fifty chance of scoring some free dA points to update their dA Muro with or whatever.

Or, in layman's terms...just :+fav: this journal, and you might wake up one morning with some extra points rattling about your dA page for doing something so easy, you completely forgot you even did it.  Did I mention this contest is easy?

As to not bankrupt myself should this journal leap into a mysterious quantity of undeserved stardom that makes Rebecca Black jealous, the prize count will be capped at 400 :+fav:'s (8 prizes).  Also, to ensure that the odds of 1/50 remains intact, only the first 400 to :+fav: this journal are eligible.  So get in on it quick before this journal defies all odds (and logic) and achieves a caliber of popularity comparable to AssClownFish complaining about how offensively repulsive his customers are at work.

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KiaraXKovu Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Faved ^^
Snowdrop-the-Kitty Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012   Digital Artist
Mominer Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Fav'd. :)
Diamondd-Dreams Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg the statistics are unavailable now D8
Yuki-Yukito Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Student Filmographer
Just died laughing with the 4th step XD
SuhReeUhl Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
Guess who's Back?! Remember me... the guy you REALLY wanna give the caps....oooh I mean....dA Points!


Come on man, don't make me crush your skull with a vice, cos I'll do it man, I don't wanna have to do it, but Im prepared to! he he lol
Sev-Lily-lover Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I'm relatively new so I don't know what points are for :(
vest Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
Points are used as a form of currency on deviantArt. They are usually acquired just by buying them with a Paypal or Credit Card, but there are other means to get points. You can create a points donation widget on your deviantArt front page, you can give people llama badges for small amounts of points, or in this case, win them from other deviantArt users (like me) who give them away as prizes for contests and raffles.

Once you have bought/won/acquired enough points, you can use them in place of actual money to get things that would actually cost money like Prints, deviantArt merchandise, subscriptions, or site upgrades like brushes for the deviantArt Muro drawing application.

You can also get people to view your page if you offer points for llama badges. If you make an offer for, say, 100 llama badges for 100 points (1 point apiece), that's at minimum 100 people who will see your name and visit your page to give you a llama badge. Many artists also offer commissions for points, as points are a central currency (don't have to do conversions between countries) and are exchanged immediately through deviantArt.
Carilynne Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I died laughing reading this..
Alakazam Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I would love to see that screaming in a rug-part for realz :XD:
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